Teacup Erinyes Cosplay

I'm Izzi, otherwise known as Teacup. I've been cosplaying since 2007 when I started out with our group The Otaku Trioka.
Recently I've made the move towards cosplaying on my own, in the process making my way down a long list of dream costumes and now making costumes for others.
This blog is simply a picture blog of all my cosplay progress and commissions, for those who want to follow me without following my gush of Disney in my main blog.
Feel free to contact me through this blog if you'd like to request a commission.

Gun Mage Jane commission WIP 2. Terrible phone pics, but these show the paint work I’ve been working at. New fabric by Yasmia’s request, much more yellow.

Sleeves, Spats and belt work is in the works, but difficult to take pics of.